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Thursday, February 26, 2004


Kerry is toast
Yes, yes, the polls look bad for Bush. But Bush hasn't even started campaigning yet, while Kerry's been stumping for months. I realized today that Kerry is such a flawed candidate that I could eviscerate him without much effort at all.

Of course, the response from the Democrats is, "Yeah, that's what we thought about George W. Bush. Don't get too cocky."

And my response is, "You also thought that about Reagan. That proves nothing except that you're generally wrong. On the other hand, we Republicans thought that Dukakis and Mondale would be relatively flaky candidates, along the lines of John Kerry. Guess what? We were right." And we are now.

UPDATE: For some of that evisceration I promised you, go check out Robert Musil's series of posts entitled "Pathetic... And Bound To Lose." Just keep scrolling.
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