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Saturday, February 07, 2004


Mending the lie, part 2
Syrian cleric Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah may have just written a Bush campaign commercial for him. In a speech urging shi'ites to support the resistance movement in Iraq, he said:
"The resistance movement may not be able to remove the U.S. from Iraq within a year, but it will be able to remove Bush, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, together with their Zionist friends, from the White House."
There we go: a vote for Kerry is a vote for terrorism, spelled out very nicely. As Powerline points out, this answers very concisely a question raised by James Lileks:
"Who do you think Al Qaeda wants to win the election? Who do you think will make Syria relax? Who do you think Hezbollah worries about more? Who would Iran want to deal with when it comes to its nuclear program? Cowboy Bush or 'Send in the bribed French inspectors' Kerry? Which candidate would our enemies prefer?"
On one hand, I'd love to have this stick to beat Kerry with come election time. But more importantly, I don't want to give terrorists any more impetus to go kill Americans than they already have. So, as I did a bit of speechwriting two months ago for the Democratic candidates, I'll do a bit more. Kerry needs to say the following, or something to the same effect:
Some of America's enemies apparently believe that, as President, I will be less dangerous to them than the current President. I should warn them, however, that I will be more of a threat to those who seek to kill Americans than President Bush. By killing Americans in Iraq in an attempt to unseat President Bush, they only dig their own graves. My methods will be wiser, more careful and more efficient than Bush's. I will involve our allies more closely and will not alienate the rest of the world as Bush has, but make no mistake--terrorists will be no safer under my administration than they are right now. In fact, they will be much less safe.
It's all utter bullocks and hogwash, of course. But that's never stopped a politician before! Of course, it would alienate his base like nobody's business, which is why he won't do it until the actual election comes up. And, of course, this completely undercuts the intent of such a statement, which is to dishearten terrorists.

Should Kerry give this kind of a speech at any time other than directly after winning the nomination, he will be rightly open to questions of "why didn't you say this earlier? Couldn't you have saved American lives?" Even then, it will be easily portrayed as a cynical and manipulative manuever--which is why he should do so right now. But that would alienate his base.

And so Kerry is in something of a catch-22. It makes you wonder how the Democrats got themselves into this bind, and is reason in and of itself for any reasonable person to vote for Bush this November.
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