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Monday, February 09, 2004


Ridiculous media bias report
No bias here. Nope. None. Nothing to see.  Move along, now.At the moment, the Apple-Netscape homepage and the CNN-Netscape news page both have the highlighted headline "Report: Iraqis want Al-Qaida to drive U.S. out." Now, what do you suppose that means? Did all Iraqis everywhere sign a letter stating this? Did a prominent leader request Al-Qaida's assistance? Was there a protest?

Um, no. In fact, what they are referring to was the fact that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian with ties to Al-Qaida, requested the help of Al-Qaida leaders help in getting the U.S. out.

It gets better: did al-Zarqawi want Al-Qaida to attack the military in Iraq? Nope. He wanted them to attack Shiites, in order to spark a sectarian war between the Shi'a and the Sunni. Funny how that doesn't come across in the headline "Iraqis want Al-Qaida to drive U.S. out."

If you actually bother to click all the way through the deceptive headlines, from the Netscape homepage to the article itself, you will see this headline: "Memo Shows Plan for Sectarian War in Iraq." Well now, that's much more accurate, isn't it? But how many people are going to do that? How many people are going to read the headline and think that America has been so oppressive that the Iraqi people are turning to Al-Qaida for help? Whoever wrote that headline should be fired, immediately. There is no excuse for that sort of sloppiness, bias or whatever.

UPDATE: With a little help from yours truly, Instapundit has picked up the story, and took a screengrab in case they pull it, which they had better. Hopefully this will put some actual pressure on CNN right quick.

ANOTHER UPDATE: They've dropped that story as their main , now focusing on the Martha Stewart trial. Apparently there's some hammering going on. The Zarqawi memo story is now a sub-story headlined, more accurately, "Operative Sought al-Qaida's Help in Iraq." Whether that's a function of the "Power of the blogosphere," or just standard oversight, it's impossible to tell. Of course, the real story in all of this is the push for sectarian war, not that someone with ties to Al Quaida talked to Al Quaida. But "less biased" is as much as I'm willing to hope for these days.
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