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Sunday, March 21, 2004


Comedy as cannon
Orrin Judd points out that Bush is doing exactly what I noted Peggy Noonan recently urged: He's using humor as a weapon.
Bush is doing something unique in American politics here: he's making the Senator a target of open ridicule. The campaign's message leap-frogged over negative and went straight to dismissive. Even more daring, it's the President himself taking the lead. The key to this will be to stay relatively light-handed and to avoid outright contempt. If they can do that and treat Mr. Kerry as an object of fun, it will be just devastating.
A thoughtful discussion, as always, is ensuing in the comments, where a couple useful points are made. First off, since Kerry's public persona has been crafted to be Solemn, Experienced and Wise, this is a particularly effective strategy, and would not work as well with a Clinton or an Edwards. Second, this helps mediate the problem of the candidate ad-approval bit, and exploits the fact that the Democrats dared not go negative because of it. It will be interesting to see if Kerry counters with standard negativity. My guess is he will, which will leave him looking angry, nasty and pathetic. Kind of like he was on his ski trip.
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