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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


A compromise?
Instapundit has endorsed a Fritz Hollings' idea of requiring cable companies to debundle their channels, and offer them a la carte.

On one hand, I really, really like this idea. Chances are good that, once I graduate and move out on my own, I won't be able to afford cable. But if cable were offered at, say, 3 to five bucks a channel a month, I could much more easily afford it, because I would only have to pick the channels I would want to watch, and not the ones that are pointless, offensive or obscene.

On the other hand, this seems like it would be an awfully intrusive move by the government, akin to telling beverage makers that they have to sell their beverages by the can, rather than in six-packs. But if a libertarian like Reynolds can embrace it...

Hm. Truth be told, I'm still ambivalent. I'd like to support this, but it will take a bit more convincing.

UPDATE: The Hobbesian Conservative is all for this idea, with no ideological quibbles holding him back.

UPDATE 2: Holdfast's Parables makes a pretty good argument against debundling, and Instapundit has posted another one on the same post. But I am not convinced either way, yet.
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