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Friday, March 05, 2004


From "A Blue Haired Conservative"
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Ok, here's the first of three or four exerpts from Bright Orange Sweater-Coat. This one is from an essay entitled "A Blue Haired Conservative." It seemed an appropriate one to kick off the excerpting with, I thought.
A Blue-Haired Conservative

It’s January 2001. I am at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. I am the only person in the packed out conference room with blue hair. Legendary conservative columnist George Will is speaking. I am a big fan of George Will. I wonder what he’d have to say about my blue hair?

For that matter, I wonder what the people sitting near me think about it. What is this blue-haired college kid doing here? Here, in the midst of generally wealthy, politically minded conservatives who read George Will and listen to Rush Limbaugh, who think the National Endowment for the Arts should be done away with, who think that colleges have become too much a breeding ground for the radical left? It’s a valid question.

But then again, I read George Will, and occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh. I think the NEA should at the very least be radically reformed. I agree that colleges are too much a breeding ground for the radical left. And yet, I have blue hair. For one reason or another, that seems to strike a lot of people as incongruous. How can anyone with blue hair support things like the privatization of Social Security?

Of course, the real question has nothing to do with the color of my hair. The real question is, why would someone have mindset to both dye his hair blue and attend large conservative conferences—or worse, write newspaper columns supporting a war in Iraq or wave signs vociferously for Republican senate candidates?

And it goes deeper than blue hair. More shocking, I think, to my fellow conservatives both at that conference and elsewhere, would be the fact that I am a poet. Not in the sense that I make my living writing poems, or even that I write all that much poetry in the first place (though I do write some), but in the sense that I am driven to see the world poetically, and to express that vision through words. I am, at my core, an artist of a sort, which is why I end up with blue hair, and it is that which seems as though it should not mix well with conservatism.
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