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Thursday, March 25, 2004


Mending the lie in Britain
Conservative Party leader John Howard has done exactly what I have been telling John Kerry to do since December:
"If the terrorists hope they can gain their ends by perpetrating in Britain a similar outrage to that in Spain, their wickedness will be in vain," Howard told a News Corporation conference in Mexico. His comments reflect an unspoken reality – that toppling Tony Blair via a massive strike on Britain would be the prize for the jihadists.

"Whatever my disagreements with Tony Blair, any government that I lead will not flinch in its determination to win the war against terror where it has to be fought," Howard said. "It would be a terrible thing indeed if last week's murders in Madrid led the terrorists to conclude that attacking America results in retribution but attacking Europe results in victory. We cannot buy ourselves immunity by changing our foreign policy."
As Howard has noticed, it is even more imperative to say things like this after the events in Spain. Whereas originally I wanted Kerry to say things like this because it would save the lives of soldiers in Iraq, I now want him to say them because it will save the lives of people here.

Kerry needs to make it very clear to the terrorists that he will be as hard on them as George W. Bush, or harder, so as to discourage an election-eveattack like the one in Spain. For that matter, this is even in Kerry's interest, as an attack here would only assure Bush a victory.

(Via Brothers Judd)
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