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Friday, March 05, 2004


Mending the lie, part 3
This series of posts, which started out as advice to Democratic presidential contenders on how they could save American lives by making a few comments, is rapidly devolving into pointing out the huge problems with Dem foreign policy. I didn't mean for this to happen, but it has. Blame the tyrants who seem to think Kerry would be a nice change. Or better yet, blame Kerry for doing his best to make sure it's true. Oh, drat--there I go again. Anyway, let's get to the advice.

You may have recently read about the North Korean government's deep affection for John Kerry. Again, one of our enemies has declared its preference in the upcoming election. And just like last time, this declaration makes it clear that the Democrats' positioning is making things much more difficult for the United States as a whole, and is, in fact, threatening American lives:
Rather than dealing with President George W. Bush and hawkish officials in his administration, Pyongyang seems to hope victory for the Democratic candidate on November 2 would lead to a softening in US policy towards the country's nuclear weapons programme.
The article, from the Financial Times, appears to think that Kim Jong-Il is wrong to hope for Kerry's victory, as Kerry won't be any softer than Bush--this despite the fact that Kerry has said he would enter into bilateral negotiations, which is exactly what the nut-job wants.

Even so, one assumes that Kerry would like to both avoid this sort of thing, and ensure that North Korea continues to engage in talks--even (gasp!) multilateral ones! As such, he should make a statement something like this:
It has been reported that the despot Kim Jong-Il thinks that I would be a friendlier face in the White House that George W. Bush. Let me assure you that I am more committed to the disarmament of North Korea than President Bush is, and despots such as Kim Jong-Il are wrong to hope for my victory. He is also wrong to attempt to stall talks until my victory in November, as when I am president, I will be no pushover, and will demand the full disclosure and disarmament of the North Korean regime. I will, however [blah blah blah, I'm different than Bush and so on].
Like I said, each time I write this, it gets more and more preposterous that any Democrat would actually say anything even remotely similar. The sad thing is, I don't think that Kerry realizes that his words have consequences, even outside of the United States. This isn't too surprising, because he didn't recognize it 30 years ago, either.

In a similar vein, why is it that the US is required to be multilateral in every instance except when it comes to North Korea? Just asking.
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

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