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Friday, March 12, 2004


Noonan on the Funny President
Peggy Noonan points out something I like to point out every once in a while--that we have a very funny president--and urges him to use it more:
I agree with those around the president who felt he had to move now, criticize Mr. Kerry now, begin the campaign early. Or rather bow to the fact that it has begun. Right now the key to Mr. Bush's success in defining both himself and Mr. Kerry is joy. The joy of the battle. And what joyous battlers bring to the proceedings: humor and wit and grace.

The one thing cable TV can't resist, and can't ignore even if it comes from a Republican, is wit. Wit brightens their copy. They love humor and joy. They will use a pithy putdown over and over. That's why Mr. Bush got so much mileage out of even a wan joke about Mr. Kerry having been in Washington long enough to take two sides on every issue.

Mr. President, keep it up but do it better.

Don't make the country mad at John Kerry, make them laugh at John Kerry. And use wit not only for wit's sake but to make political and philosophical points.

This year comedy's a cannon. It's the only thing right now that will break through the media wall.
And what media wall is that, you ask? Take this anecdotal evidence for what it's worth: today on CNN Headline News, one of their headlines was, and I quote, "Madrid Bombings: Good for Bush?" If you're not already outraged, I can understand that. It is, after all, a legitimate political question to think about. It's a little early to be doing so, and in poor taste, but understandable. But it's not until you try to imagine the press running a headline like "Casualties in Iraq: Good for Kerry?" that you realize how utterly despicable and biased that headline is.
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