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Sunday, March 14, 2004


A small gift from Iran
The hope taken from me by the cowardice in Spain has been restored, slightly, by news from Iran. Instapundit and Roger Simon point to news of a small revolt in Iran, specifically in the northern city of Fereydunkenar. The right wing Men's News Daily and the rather unsympathetic IranMania News are the only sites on Google news to have picked it up so far. SCCMDI has information as well.

The word is that after riots and the torching of at least one house belonging to a local mullah, a hardline candidate, Moghdad Najaf Nejhad, who claimed not to need the people's votes to be elected, has resigned. The crowd also took over the police station for a time, and freed some earlier imprisoned for protesting. At least five people have apparently been killed so far.

Keep Iran in your prayers, as this has the potential to give back far more hope than any Spanish socialists could take away. Things could get very bad and very ugly, but if they do, something very beautiful could come of it. Pray.
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