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Saturday, March 13, 2004


The terrorists' candidate
And I don't mean John Kerry. I'm talking about Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who will become Prime Minister if the Socialist party wins tomorrow's elections. The Spanish have an even starker choice to make when they walk into the voting booth tomorrow than Americans will in November. On one hand you have the anti-Aznar protesters chanting "our dead, your war," and on the other have you have news from Norway that suggestst that, if Al Quaeda was behind the bombings, which is becoming increasingly likely, then they did it specifically to defeat Aznar's successor, Mariano Rajoy, and put in place a friendlier face.

And the conventional wisdom is that this strategy should work. According to the wags, this is how it should play out: if ETA did it, then Rajoy and the People's Party should benefit, as they have been standing strong against ETA for eight years; but if Al Quaeda did it, then Zapatero and the Socialists should benefit, as the PP has... also been standing strong against them.

Unfortunately, both due to Spanish law disallowing campaigning on the day before the election, and the timing of the bombings themselves, Aznar and Rajoy will not have an opportunity to point this out to the electorate very clearly.

But even so, I have a feeling that most Spaniards are going to react more like Jes?s Miguel G?mez, whose quote in the New York Times was pointed out by Trevor from Kaleboel :
It doesn't matter who's to blame. They are all a bunch of terrorists. One does it for God, the other because they think they have a purer blood line."
Some have cited the 5,000 people protesting outside of the PP headquarters today as evidence that this blast will hurt them tomorrow. But, as pointed out on Instapundit, 2.3 million people came out to protest the terrorists in Madrid on Friday, a city of about 3 million.

Orrin Judd asks, "If you bomb America you get chased into a hole in the ground. If you bomb Europe they chase their leaders from power?" We will see tomorrow, I suppose, but I am hopeful that Spain will take a stand against this sort of evil, and react very differently than Al Quaeda hopes they will.
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