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Thursday, April 01, 2004


Bush's bored techies
I'll admit that, while I think that Bush's gas tax commercials are legitimate shots at Kerry, they're also pretty cheap legitimate shots. At first it almost seems bizarre--there's so much on Kerry, why make such a big deal out of something like this? My theory is that they're saving the good stuff for when people are actually paying attention, and are going to make political hay out of this in the meantime.

And, oh, they hay they're making. The Bush website has a Kerry Gas Tax Calculator, where you can plug in your car, your state and how often you, and it will calculate how much money Kerry's 50-cent proposal would cost you. More interesting, though, is the trip planner part of it. Apparently some techie has integrated Microsoft MapPoint so that you can plug in two points, get directions and construction info, as well as how much money Kerry would have taken from you. I've got an old beta-version of MapPoint, and it's a remarkably handy and powreful program, one which some bored techie at the Bush campaign has now given everyone access to, albeit in a limited form.

So now the Bush website is just as good at directions as MapQuest is, and the construction information makes it more useful. The gas calculator, ironically, isn't as helpful as it could be, as it calculates gas price based on average in whatever state you say your from, rather than the states you drive through, but that can't be helped. At any rate, I found it entertaining.
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