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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Earth Day Reading Lists
Another way to celebrate Earth Day is by checking out the articles and lists of books listed below.
The recent NY Times Magazine piece, "What the world needs now is DDT" by Tina Rosenburg
The Brothers Judd review of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring--be sure to check out the always helpful links at the bottom
JunkScience.com's DDT FAQ
JunkScience.com's reading list
The Objectivist Center's study guide on the environment
Greenpeace founder (and now pariah) Patrick Moore's Environmentalism for the 21st Century
If you can only read one thing today, read the last one there. I haven't finished it yet myself, but Moore is one of the most articulate deconstructers of the current environmental movement on the planet, and formulates a positive, pro-humanity environmental outlook.

UPDATE: Instapundit points out an article Moore just wrote, which encapsulates his arguments nicely
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