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Sunday, April 18, 2004


Kerry nearly mends the lie!
Via the OpinionJournal's Best of the Web, here's Kerry finally saying what needs to be said:
While we may have differed on how we went to war, Americans of all political persuasions are united in our determination to succeed. The extremists attacking our forces should know they will not succeed in dividing America, or in sapping American resolve, or in forcing the premature withdrawal of U.S. troops. Our country is committed to help the Iraqis build a stable, peaceful and pluralistic society. No matter who is elected president in November, we will persevere in that mission.
That sounds a lot like what I've been wanting Kerry to say since February. He needs to say this a lot more often, however, if he's going to convince the enemy. But he won't ever actually say anything this forceful out loud, because a) the Republicans will use it against him, and b) anti-war types will go stump for Nader. So this is probably the best we can expect from him.

But, in fact, my use of the term "lie" originated in December with Kerry's description of Iraq as a "shooting gallery," a phrase he uses again in the Washington Post editorial. This is an even more vicious lie, the lie that our soldiers are doing nothing worthwhile in Iraq, that they are just standing around waiting to be shot at. Kerry has shown absolutely no interest in mending that particular lie. But I suppose there's hope for him yet.
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