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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Lautenburg's lies
Hugh Hewitt posted a few excerpts from what he's calling the Frank Lautenburg Meltdown. I caught a bit of it on C-SPAN, and it made my blood boil. The part that angered me the most, though, Hugh doesn't reference. While in the midst of his childish explosion about "chickenhawks," he repeated the tripe that when Dick Cheney was asked why he didn't serve in Vietnam, he said that he had "other priorities."

That's mostly true--except that he fails to mention what those "other priorities" were. They were his wife and newborn daughter. Not exactly the sinister machinations that Lautenburg was implying. But that inconvenient fact doesn't stop some liberals--no, many liberals--including Slate's own Timothy Noah--make the accusation that Cheney maliciously got his wife pregnant--just to avoid the draft!

The evidence for this is that the Cheney's daughter was born nine months and two days after the Selective Service decided to start drafting married men without children. Apparently Dick Cheney is so evil and so powerful that he can actually control the cycles of the moon itself! Please. Everyone knows that babies only happen that easily when you don't want them to.

But what really steams me is that Lautenburg is somehow suggesting that Dick Cheney--who would only have been eligible for the draft for a year and a half anyway--made a poor choice in putting his family before a war that John Kerry called a war crime. Such rank hipocrisy is infuriating, especially when coming from a Democratic party that supported the overt draft-dodger Bill Clinton over Bob Dole, who was more of a war hero than Kerry could dream of being.

I also saw the comments of John McCain and Democrat Harry Reid just after Lautenburg's tantrum. They were calm, collected and level-headed. They suggested that--just maybe--we should put Vietnam behind us, and not bring it up anymore. Unfortunately, that will never happen, because that is John Kerry's only defense against attacks on his (abysmal) record on national security. And that is the only thing, incidentally, that the Bush campaign has been attacking. It's been ABC News and Good Morning America that have been asking questions about Kerry's medals. And no one--no one--has been attacking veterans in broad swathes like Lautenburg accused the Administration of.

No one but John Kerry 30 years ago. But we're not supposed to talk about what he did 30 years ago. Unless it was good.
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