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This here blog is a glimpse or two or three at the condition of the 'fortress of our family' through the eyes Timothy Goddard, a Christian writer with an unhealthy interest in politics living in the Puget Sound area.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004


More unintentional Kerry comedy
This isn't exactly on the Earth Day theme, but John Kerry just made me fall out of my chair laughing (admittedly, I'm easily amused). A commercial just came on, entitled "Risk," I now see, that features John Kerry saying "Let me tell you exactly what I would do about the situation in Iraq. I would immediately reach out to the international community in sharing the burden, the risk because..." etc., etc, Bush is screwing things up. I'm not sure exactly what he said (though I'm sure I've heard it all before), because I was too busy laughing.

Let me get this straight. John Kerry sits me down in my living-room, looks me in the eyes and says "let me tell you exactly what I would do to change the situation in Iraq." I listen closely, curious about this specific plan that the candidate is going to outline for me. And what does he say? "I would immediately reach out to the international community." That's it. He gives some reasons why he would do that, and he blames Bush for not doing it, but that's the sum total of his plan. That's it. No more. Nada. Zilch. But that's exactly what Kerry would do.

It was, quite possibly, the worst presidential commercial I have seen in my short life. But it was also the most entertaining.
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