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Friday, April 30, 2004


The potential for violence
Lileks raises a concern very similar to one I raised in the comments to a Brothers Judd post, regarding the possibility of far-left violence in the event of a major Bush victory:
If the Dems lose big, then the party fades and slinks away and sulks, much as the Republicans did when they misjudged the zeitgeist and got pasted for it. How the party reacts, and how the ordinary patriotic Democrat voter reacts, I can’t say. Little impact on the local level, that’s for sure. But what about those people who already regard the Democrats as sell-outs and phonies, bought-and-paid-for corporate whores? That’s a subset, the ranting fringe. But you have to wonder what they’ll do if Bush wins They already seem to regard America as a lost cause; they see the fascist caul draped over the land, just as the demented home-grown terrorists of the 60s and 70s saw Amerikkka as irredeemably evil, a thing that had to be killed for The People to live. Most of the ranting fringe – 99.5% – will whine and seethe in the message boards of the Internet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if domestic leftist terrorism made a comeback this decade. It only takes a few, after all. And it only takes a few sympathizers here and there to shield them.
There are those who are absolutely convinced that we are living in a fascist state. If Bush wins as big as some are predicting, or even close, there will be inevitable comparisons to Saddam taking 100% of the vote (the vote itself will obviously be nowhere near that, but the Electoral College may, hence the comparisons). And there will be a few--as Lileks said, it only takes a few--who will see it as their moral obligation to battle the fascist state by whatever means necessary.

Then again, I predicted violence in the aftermath of Florida, and was thankfully proved wrong. Hopefully I will be again. But the potential is certainly there.
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