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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


The quotable Kerry
OpinionJournal's most recent "Great Orators of the Democratic Party" has inspired me to begin compiling a list of things Kerry says that just don't make any sense, or that do make sense, but that make his candidacy make no sense. Here's a couple to start us off:

"I could go zoop! and Republicans would disappear,"-- John Kerry, April 14, to a group of preschoolers.
""[President Bush] thinks that empty slogans like the 'Clear Skies' initiative and the 'Healthy Forest' initiative--that somehow names that would make George Orwell rise up and cheer--that those names will make people forget what is really happening in our country. [Spots a dolphin.] There he is over there. He says, 'help, help, help.' "--John Kerry, April 20

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