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Friday, April 23, 2004


Spreading the word about UNScam
I mentioned last night that I doubt anyone had their minds changed by the debate last night. But that doesn't mean that the only good that came from it was "a good time had by all." Rich repeatedly hammered the UN's Oil-for-palaces scandal, which was possibly the first time that many of those in attendance had heard of such a thing. The US media is dropping the ball big time on this issue.

At the moment, neither CNN nor Fox News have anything about the scandal prominently displayed on their websites, though CNN does have an article about the . MSNBC, on the other hand, does. I just scanned the cable news channels, and there was nothing on the subject on any of them. Google News lists 367 articles on the subject, about 30% of them from US sources.

The UK media, on the other hand, has been impressively on top of it, perhaps because one of the two Britons who appear to have benefited from the scandal is MP George Galloway.

So why isn't this big news in the US yet? I've got no idea, but I predict that it will start to be big news soon. Enough people are talking about it that the news will have to go mainstream eventually--even if it does hurt Kerry's case that the UN is all sweetness and light.

Friends of Saddam is a blog by Stephen Sherman of the Politburo Diktat, solely devoted to UNScam. Check it out often, and spread the word.
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