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Thursday, May 13, 2004


From outrage to snuff film in a single day
Instapundit and others have noted the incredibly surge in weblog traffic that has come with the many people searching for the video of Nick Berg's brutal decapitation. Most apparently see it as evidence that the media has dropped the ball and people are far more interested in the killing of Nick Berg than the abuse at Abu Grahib. Instapundit sees this as evidence that "Nick Berg is the story that people care about." I'm not so sure.

While I agree that Nick Berg's death, and the sadism of our enemies in Iraq in general, is a more important story than the brutal hazing handed out by a few at Abu Grahib, I don't have quite enough faith in human nature to believe that people are really interested in this video because they want to see this horrendous act for themselves. I'm thinking they just want to see a snuff film. The number of teenagers who heard about a video of a guy getting his head cut off and immediately thought "woah, cool!" then went out to search for it has got to be huge.

Larger, I fear, than the number of people who want to see it to stay informed, remind them of why we're fighting a war or whatever reason people want to see the video.

I haven't seen it. I don't particularly want to see it. I'm outraged enough, thanks. If you do want to see it, Slant Point's got it up. If you don't want to go through the whole ordeal, SharkBlog's running a photo of what would be called--if this weren't a despicable act of cowardice by craven fiends who I hope will be hunted down and killed like the rats they are--the "money shot."
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