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Saturday, May 08, 2004


Having their cake and eating it too
Liberals seem to be of two minds on the abuse at Abu Ghraib. One one hand you've got those, like this emailer to Jonah Goldberg, who say that it's a darn good thing the photos were released. Then you've got others, like the commenters in this Kevin Drum post, who say that the abuse scandal has "made the world immeasurable [sic] more dangerous." Well, which is it? Should the photos have been released, making the world more dangerous, or should they have been suppressed, keeping the world safer? Goldberg argues for the latter. I don't know about that. I have a hard time believing that anyone not planning to kill Americans had their minds changed by those photos, though I'm certain that it is going to depress a lot of people in Iraq who are generally on our side. Either way, the standard liberal belief that, yes, the tapes obviously should have been released, and yes, this is obviously going to get a lot of people killed because "they" are going to hate us even more now is self-contradictory. Unless, of course, the real goal isn't a free, peaceful and democratic Iraq, but a Bush loss in November.
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