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This here blog is a glimpse or two or three at the condition of the 'fortress of our family' through the eyes Timothy Goddard, a Christian writer with an unhealthy interest in politics living in the Puget Sound area.

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Monday, May 10, 2004


Running every which way
Running against Dick Cheney wasn't going too well for John Kerry, so now he's reduced to running against Donald Rumsfeld. I have a funny feeling that this tactic isn't going to work too well. By this time next month, he'll be reduced to running against the White House copy boy. Who's his vice president going to attack, Jenna Bush?

At any rate, Kerry's got a petition going around to unseat Rumsfeld. It carries about as much weight as those petitions to get George Lucas to commit Hari Kari and bequeath his fortune to Peter Jackson, but a little friendly competition never hurt anybody. There's a counter-petition going around as well. I've signed it. Won't you? Of course it's silly--but hey, that's politics.
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