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Sunday, May 16, 2004


Slipping or subtle Simpsons?
Tonights Simpsons, in which the Simpson family is imprisoned for treason in an over the top parody of the evils of Ashcroft's America was odd. It was far more heavy handed than usual for the show, until the very end, where it was very hastily even-handed for about three minutes, even making fun of the French a little. But the majority of the show felt like it was directed by Michael Moore. Only a bit funnier. This led to a very schizophrenic feeling But it was sad that even The Simpsons has fallen into the overt partisan rut that ruins shows so easily.

On the other hand, the parody was so over the top that I almost wonder if it wasn't subtly pointing out that all the hysteria over the Bill of Rights being trampled (or, in one section of the show, stone drunk and puking everywhere) is aburd and unfounded. Bits like "the last registered Democrat" meeting the Simpsons in prison, or the imprisonment of Elmo ("Elmo went to wrong fundraiser!"--he later hanged himself in his cell) were so ridiculous that it appeared at times to be parodying the hysteria, rather than the actions. But that's probably too much to ask.
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