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Sunday, May 02, 2004


Stuart Smalley for Senate?
Al Franken is apparently seriously considering making a run for the senate here in Minnesota--despite the fact that he lives in New York. He wants to unseat Norm Coleman in 2008. The best line of the whole thing:
Coleman declined to comment, but the chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, Ron Eibensteiner, said, "This is a joke, right?"
Eibensteiner had some less snarky things to say as well:
"Minnesota experimented with one Ventura-type of candidate," Eibensteiner said, referring to professional-wrestler-turned-governor Jesse Ventura. "I would be extremely surprised if Minnesota experimented with another one. It just didn't work the first time."
Franken probably doesn't see himself as a "Ventura-like" candidate. He's been trying very hard recently to reinvent himself as a serious pundit who does humor instead of a humorist who dabbles in punditry, so he would probably reject the entertainer label. To that extent, I respect what he's doing. I think more right-wing pundits should get up from their computers and enter the fray of politics. It apparently doesn't enter the mind of most bloggers, and other pundits, that they could probably do a lot of good by entering a political race. Commentator types tend to be personable, witty, well-informed and innovative, all of which are key assets for any political race, and there are heaps of bloggers out there that could do wonderful jobs as candidates--and more importantly, as public officials. I hope that in the coming years, we'll see a small trend of bloggers entering politics.

Hopefully, these bloggers will have the good sense to enter politics at the bottom, rather than at the top, Scharzenegger's obvious success notwithstanding. And they should certainly not just pick a state to run in and move there. It's rather arrogant of Franken to think that he can just stroll into a state he hasn't been a resident of in decades and take a senate seat. I doubt if the DFL would even nominate him. It would make things interesting around here, though. (As if Coleman's last election wasn't interesting enough!)

UPDATE: I found this via Rosenblog, and a commenter there points out that even Schwarzenegger had some political experience, successfully lobbying for the passage of an initiative that expanded funding for before and after-school programs. And even the generally disasterous Ventura had been a mayor!
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