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Saturday, June 12, 2004


Avoiding today
James Lileks and Mark Steyn both have stellar columns reflecting on the pathetic state of America's arts when it can or won't muster up the effort to produce art that honors or even reflects the major issue of today: the war on terrorism. Lileks notes one of the only examples, namely Star Trek: Enterprise. Steyn, though, notes that few others are willing to venture into the territory of Today:
Even when some hapless studio exec accidentally options a property that happens to have Islamist terrorists in it -- like Tom Clancy's The Sum Of All Fears -- the first thing they do is change the enemy to German neo-Nazis. Imagine it's 1943, you're in a script meeting about "Casablanca," and Jack Warner says, "I like it. But do the bad guys have to be Germans? How about if we reset it in Massachusetts and make them sinister British neo-Redcoats?"

Something has gone badly wrong when (with the exception of a few country songs) our popular culture visibly recoils from the biggest event of our time.
The funny thing is, though, that if someone made a die-hard patriotic, pro-America, anti-terrorist, anti-Al-Qaeda major motion picture, and marketed it that way, it would make phenomenal amounts of money. One day, hopefully soon, some greedy studio exec is going to wake up and think "Wait a minute! Why don't we do a film about what's happening in the world right now!" And that man will do very well for himself.
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