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Monday, June 28, 2004

Bumpersticker follies 2
Homeland Security: fighting terrorism since 1492 There was a picture of a native American on this sticker as well. Clever, isn't it? Because, you see, it's not the planes flying into towers three years ago that matters, it's Wounded Knee! That's the important thing! Wounded Knee! This slogan has actually been in the news recently, and the people using it in that instance at least had some context. As just a bumpersticker, it's unclear what the purpose was, except to make you wonder if the white guy driving the truck actually had Indian blood in him or not.

SUV Negative Get it? Because SUV sounds like HIV! The best thing about this bumpersticker was that it was on the back of a pickup truck with a heavy-duty canopy, making it nearly indistinguishable from an SUV. But SUV's are inherently evil, you know--trucks that get the same gas milage and drive the same because they have a canopy on the back are free of the mysterious evil that is sprayed onto every SUV at the factory.
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