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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Bush wins again
Jefferson Morely of the Washington Post notes that some international pundits are praising Bush, somewhat, for the unanimous security council resolution he wrangled. However, few of them seem to realize just how much and how easily Bush won. Morely tiptoes up to the truth, but doesn't seem to recognize it:
The White House's willingness to compromise on the language handing over power to the new Iraqi government won a measure of praise unusual for a man routinely excoriated in the global press.
Please note that compromising on the language means absolutely nothing. Lets look more carefully at these "compromises." Al Jazeerah describes one:
The original draft started out by reaffirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq. The final resolution marks the break with the US and British occupation in stronger language, by "welcoming the beginning of a new phase in Iraq's transition to a democratically elected government and looking forward to the end of the occupation and the assumption of full responsibility and authority by a fully sovereign and independent interim government."
In other words... nothing of import.
The final draft assigns "a leading role" in convening a national conference in July, arranging elections and drafting a new constitution "as circumstances permit" to address security concerns.

The original draft reaffirmed the authorisation for the multinational force under unified command from a Security Council resolution adopted last year. The final draft adds that the foreign troops are there at "at the request of the incoming interim government of Iraq."
In other words... nothing of import.
The final draft includes new language stating that the Iraqi government will control its own forces and can veto Iraqi participation in operations by the multinational force.
This is the only real change... and yet, even that isn't a change. If Bush's real goal is to make Iraq a free and sovereign nation--and anyone who's really been paying attention should see that it is--then this is no trouble at all.
The initial draft stated that the mandate for the multinational force would be reviewed after 12 months or at the request of the transitional government that will take power early next year but it gave no deadline for the force's mandate to end.

The final draft adds that the mandate will expire after elections to be held by 31 December, 2005 under a new constitution. It also declares that the council "will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the government of Iraq."

The initial draft asked "member states and international and regional security organisations to contribute assistance to the multinational force, including military forces." The final draft adds that this must be "as agreed with the government of Iraq."
Considering the nice and cozy relationship the US has with the transitional government, that won't cause a problem at all.

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