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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Constructing their own reality
Read this associated press article on the US reopening ties with Libya. Then, tell me why the Bush administration is doing so. If you had only read the article, you'd assume it was because there's vast amounts of untapped wealth in that desert nation, and American business is chomping at the bit to enter the gold mine that is Libya:
An American whose brother was killed in the Lockerbie bombing said Tuesday that President Bush had made a mockery of Washington's policy of isolating state of sponsors terror.

"We are applauding a man (Gadhafi) who has admitted to killing Americans, having weapons of mass destruction and supporting terrorism for years," said Bert Ammerman, 57, a school principal from Riverdale, N.J. His brother, Tom, was among the 189 American passengers on the Pan Am plane that exploded over Lockerbie.

"Big business. There is no question that what drives this administration is big business," Ammerman said.

Bob Armao, the acting president of the nonprofit U.S.-Libya Trade and Economic Council, saw the development differently.

"This is very heartening for American businesses, which are keen to go back to Libya," Armao said by telephone from his New York office. He said American oil companies will be leading the race to secure investment opportunities in Libya.
Not once--not once--in the entire article does it mention exactly why the US is suddenly making nice with Gadhafi. To read it, you'd think that Bush woke up one morning and thought "by golly, there's oil in Libya too! I've gotta get me some of that!" It never even touches on the fact that Ghadafi is cooperating with the United States in dismantling its nuclear program, having been scared spitless by the photos of the captured Saddam Hussein.

The only logical explanation for this is that certain members of the press--apparently including one Paul Garwood--are constructing their own parallel reality in which every Bush action is unquestionably sinister. It's absolutely disgusting and rather disheartening as well.

UPDATE: James Lileks noticed this story too, but for a different reason. The headline claims "Analysts concerned over Libya-U.S. ties," but not a single "concerned analyst" is cited.
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

Sometimes I wonder about the blogosphere doing all this incompetent/biased media debunking. I have seen a fair bit of backlash (sorry I don't have links) in which liberals have tried to discount "the internet" in the same breath that they discount talk radio and fox news. While I am of the firm belief that the blogosphere is the closest thing to a pure market of ideas out there (thanks to low start up costs and almost frictionless communication) It will be interesting to see how the medium (blogging) evolves...Your thoughts Tim?
Somebody's gotta do it. But seriously, the only thing the blogosphere can do at this point is point out--repeatedly--that the emperor has no clothes. Obviously the emperor and his cronies aren't going to take kindly to that, and will go out of its way to dismiss the messenger (as in Fox News) or, even better, the medium itself (talk radio, the Internet). But I don't think it will work very well on the Internet, because there are too many lefties on the Net as well. Howard Dean, for a very public example.

And the trouble for the left is that, for all its derision, talk radio and Fox News continue to be very powerful, and they always will be. People like choices, and in the past 15 years, conservatives have begun offering the public choices in the media and--surprise! It's working. The Internet is the Platonic Form of choice, and so it will continue to gain in popularity and influence no matter how many times liberals sneer at it over cocktails.
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