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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


The destruction of property rights in Washington State
There's a chance that the unbelievable assault on property rights here in Washington may get paid attention to, because now the government thugs are targeting Little League fields! That this is even an issue is an insult to every individual in this state who believes that they themselves own something. Apparently the state thinks that everything here is just on loan from the government, which means we had better be darn careful how we use it!

These are things that I think most people, even in this state, would largely agree with me on. But no one is calling a spade a spade. It's hard, because both Republican candidates for statewide office actually have a legitimate shot at winning, meaning that taking bold and courageous stands is more risky than can be afforded right now. I hope, though, that if Dino Rossi wins in November, that we will begin rolling back this attack on a basic human freedom.
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A nice tidbit from your linked article, which I am sure you read already:

John Healy, the group's communication director, said the group supports more ball fields. But the county should build them without using scarce farmlands, Healy said. "Once you destroy farmland, it's gone forever," he said.

Scarce Farmland? These people need to look around a bit. Farmland is selling around the country because we dont need as much, we are rolling in it, besides, I doubt that Washington is really lacking in farmland. Oh well. I guess Minnesota is not so bad after all.
Not only that, but the idea that "Once you destroy farmland, it's gone forever," is both absurd and self defeating. If these baseball fields are unable to be reclaimed as farmland, then what exactly is to be done with them?
Haven't you heard? It's an inevitable and well-documented cycle. First farmers farm the land, then evil baseball oriented people ruthlessly destroy the land, then the land inevitably becomes a garbage heap for broken down cars and the heads of Barbie dolls, and such. Once baseball hits, it's impossible for the land to be used for anything productive. It couldn't possibly be turned into farm or forest again, and it OBVIOUSLY would no longer be suitable for houses or businesses once the evil, vicious baseball folks take over. I say we BAN baseball! American pastime my foot! It’s ruining the American landscape, the natural beauty of indigenous American farmland.
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