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Saturday, June 19, 2004


The difference between Republicans and Democrats
Orrin Judd, in the comment section of his already insightful post comparing John Kerry and Reagan, has summed up the present-day difference between Republicans and Democrats in a very insightful way:
Perhaps the great difference between the two parties now comnes down to this: they want stability abroad, where life generally sucks; we want it here, where life is pretty good.

Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

How do you know it was O. Judd? All the "signature" on the website said was "O.J." Was I missing something?
P.S. Said commenter's e-mail address is something like "bogusaddress@hotmail.com." Made me smile.
Thats how Orrin signs his comments. Brothers Judd has, hands down, the best comments section I've seen on the web, and I'm fairly familiar with it.
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