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Friday, June 11, 2004


Iraq's president off to good start
I watched Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar's press conference yesterday and was impressed. The transcript is only available by subscription so far, but hopefully it will surface somewhere for free. The video is available from C-Span. The Financial Times article does note what I considered to be one of the most interesting and revealing exchanges of the conference, between al-Yawar and a despicable reporter who referred to Iraq as "allegedly sovereign" and insisted that "the largest mercenary forces" in the world were in Iraq. Al-Yawar deftly smacked him down. I didn't catch the name or the reporter or his outlet, but I'd like to find out. The exchange did impress upon me, though, that al-Yawar is solidly on our side, and that we are on his side.

Zeyad has mixed feelings about al-Yawar, but generally favorable ones, I gather. Ays seems to think well of him as well, and he has very high regard for Allawi, the Prime Minister.

That brings up an interesting issue with the new government. I've always thought poorly of systems with both a President and Prime Minister. The executive branch needs to have a single point of leadership. But in a situation such as Iraq with clear sectarian segments, perhaps this sort of power sharing is a necessary check and balance absent a strong legeslative or judicial branch. At any rate, al-Yawar has reinforced my optimism regarding Iraq's future.
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