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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Kerry Channeling Kennedy…and Nixon…simultaneously

As summer approaches, the new favorite on the grill at the Kerry household is apparently flame-broiled hawk with a heaping side of M*A*S*H-ed potatoes. Yesterday, in a speech in West Palm Beach, John Kerry suggested intensive face-to-face talks with North Korea as a means of removing that nation as a nuclear threat. Some cursory research on North Korea immediately identifies it as an open, peace-loving nation which would gladly lay down its weapons in the interest of world cooperation and American anti-terrorism. Or, you know, bomb Washington, D.C. off the face of the planet. One of those two.

How does Senator Kerry intend to pry North Korea’s nukes out of Kim Jong-Il’s cold dead fingers without using military force? Because he certainly won’t give them up any other way. And, that said, how could such a thing be done without provoking China? And how is it that the Vietnam-scarred senator from Massachusetts suddenly sounds a lot like a Cold-War Democrat hawk with a Nixonish secret plan?

Presumably, yesterday’s speech was meant to attract aging baby boomers and Greatest Generation retirees who have previously felt uncomfortable with Kerry’s namby-pamby internationalist stance on defense. But if he continues in this vein, he is sure to alienate his power base in the far-left, thereby throwing a large chunk of them into Nader’s camp.

Good job, John.

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