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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


You want war? Vote Kerry
Below, Lorraine mentions Kerry's somewhat hawkish speech in Palm Beach. He's trying desperately to make this new "strength" thing a theme, which is just another reason not to vote for him. If he's elected, the chances of us getting into a really stupid war, just so he can prove that he's no "namby-pamby internationalist," go up immensely.

There are lots of wars we shouldn't fight. For the moment we shouldn't go into North Korea, because its on the edge of collapse anyway, and we'd rather China and/or South Korea cleaned up that mess. We shouldn't go into Iran either, for the moment, because that government is nearing collapse as well, and we want that regime change to come from the inside out if at all possible. We shouldn't go to war with Saudi Arabia because it would just about destroy the world economy and because the place is stinkin' huge, not to mention that whole "Mecca" thing. But if Kerry becomes President, the possibility of the first and the last of these wars goes up immensely.

And the chances of going to war where it may well be necessary in the near future--like, say, Syria--goes down.
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