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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bush calls the shots
Democrats may not realize it, but they are being played like a JibJab banjo.  It's already been covered that they have no real message outside "Bush sucks!"  But beyond that, their every action is but a reaction to an action by Bush or Bush supporters.  Consider the recent history of Mr. Kerry's campaign:
  • Kerry began insisting that he wants to strengthen America a long time ago, in response to charges that he'll weaken us.
  • Kerry recently called himself a "cultural conservative," in response to charges that he's a flaming liberal.
  • Kerry has recently stressed his optimism as hard as possible, in response to charges that his campaign is based on pessimism.
  • Kerry touched Edwards waaay too much, in response to charges that he disliked him.
  • The Democratic Convention has been (falsely) declared a No-Bush-Bashing Zone, in response to the charges that Kerry's campaign has been overwhelmingly negative.

There's not a single major move by the Kerry camp that wasn't practically scripted for him by the Bush administration.   Do they think that the Bush camp isn't smart enough to have guessed what they would do?  And do they think that there's no plan to exploit this?  I think the two months between the Republican Convention and the election are going to be very enjoyable for some of us...

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