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Monday, July 19, 2004

From the humor as a weapon files
Arnold Schwarzenegger's political savvy has struck again--this time he's called California's Dem legislators "girlie-men."  As if on cue, Democrats are whining about sexism and homophobia, drawing far more attention to Schwarzenegger's speech than it ever would have recieved otherwise.  And what was Schwarzenegger calling on Californians to do?  Vote Democrats out of office, those same Democrats who apparently lack a sense of humor.
Meanwhile, Reuters is clueless.  Behold their evidence that Republicans are criticising Schwarzenegger for his comment:
Yet the "girlie men" line has sparked criticism even from Schwarzenegger's fellow Republicans. "Of course it's not a good idea; liberals don't have a sense of humor," Republican State Senator Tom McClintock said in an interview.

Democrats and the media: all the humorless elitism you can stand, and then a little more.

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Ah good old McKlintock and Schwarzenegger. If only all republicans were that cool.
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