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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I am more qualified than John Edwards
Edwards was a spectacularly predictable pick for Kerry, and so while I'm not surprised by it, I am a little saddened, if that's the right word. It's a little disturbing to me that Kerry is so willing to bring on someone who adds nothing of substance to the ticket, just to increase his "electability." (But wasn't that what got Kerry nominated in the first place? Is it not good enough now?) Does Kerry really think that the American people will want someone so clearly unqualified in the role of Vice President, that they'll be happy enough with a pretty face? Maybe that's a bad question, because the Democratic party has already made it clear that that's exactly what they want. This reflects poorly on the Democrats, largely because I am more qualified than John Edwards.

No, seriously, I am. I can measure it scientifically using the Flag of the World Presidential Experience Index(developed in the same scientific manner as the Kerry Misery Index and the GOP Index De Le Miserables), which has the formula of PS+FP+2*E, where PS is years of public service, FP is years of foreign policy experience, and E is executive experience (easily the most important aspect of a president or vice-president's experience). Now, let's look at Edwards and myself.

Edwards has 5 years of public service experience--that's only 3.5 more years than me, as I was on the school board for a year and a half in high school. Edwards has no foreign policy experience, the same amount as me. Edwards has no executive experience--two years less than me, if you're counting my stints as editor-in-chief in high school and college (which I am). Let's see what we get when we plug this into the FWPEI:

Vice-Presidential Candidate John Edwards: 5+0+2*0=5
Not Vice-Presidential Candidate Timothy Goddard: 1.5+0+2*2=5.5

Undeniably, I would have been a wiser choice for Vice President than Edwards. Lets see how some other folks shape up (some of these numbers are estimated, especially for legislators' foreign policy experience):

Vice President Dick Cheney: 28+7+2*8=51
Veepstakes Runner-up Dick Gephardt:34+5+0*2=44
Veepstakes Runner-up Bob Graham: 38+6+2*8=60
Veepstakes Winner-but-refuser John McCain: 22+5+2*17=61
Future Vice President Condoleezza Rice: 8+15+2*9=41

I think his miserable score in this index makes it clear what a horrific pick "Johnny 5" Edwards really is. It also bestows Edwards with his new nickname: Johnny 5. No offense to the original, of course.
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

This is great, lets see how I do...

Public Service: 0 (unless you count activism, which I do not.)
Foreign Policy Experience: .5 (half a year in England)my minor in International relations should make up for the fact that they speak english there, and thus it is sorta weak-sauce foreign experience.
Executive Experience: 1 year as treasurer of Debate team, two years as Leader of activist group (had to get that in somewhere) vice president of pep band for three years, OK I guess I am stretching a bit. Well, I estimate this puts me around 12.5, but since none of my examples, except England, were very good, I will give Edwards the benefit of the doubt and cut my score in half...Oh wait! I still beat him. Economists will rule the world.
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