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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Nader's new talking point?
This has already recieved a fair amount of discussion in the blogosphere, but I want to comment on one aspect of it that has been largely ignored.  Check out these words from Edwards' speech:
Like all of those brave men and women, John put his life on the line for our country. He knows that when authority is given to a president, much is expected in return. That's why we will strengthen and modernize our military. We will double our Special Forces. We will invest in the new equipment and technologies so that our military remains the best equipped and the best prepared in the world. This will make our military stronger. It'll make it sure that can defeat any enemy in this new world.

We will double our Special Forces?  That's cool with me, but as Scott at Slant Point notes:

Alas, panning the room, I noticed quite a few faces aghast hearing these words. A party so predisposed to despise the war because they think Bush started it, now faces their Veep who in one night blossomed from spring chicken to hawk.

Of course, no one really believes that they're going to do it.  But still, if you were Ralph Nader (or David Cobb, for that matter), wouldn't you pick this up and run with it? 

Didn't you hear?  Edwards said they're going to double the special forces!  Double the special forces!  Those are the guys who topple democratically elected leftist governments, who make the government's enemies mysteriously disappear, who sow dissension in places the government doesn't like.

Not only that, but he said they're going to "modernize the army"--that's the military-industrial complex talking.  Every dollar spent on that is a dollar that doesn't go to schools, health care and the poor.  It means shoveling more money to Halliburton and other multinational corporations. 

I seriously don't understand how anyone who has a "No Iraq War"  bumpersticker on their car could possibly support Kerry and Edwards.  I mean, sure, we all assume that they don't mean what they say about national defense (that's why I don't see how anyone who doesn't have a "No Iraq War" bumpersticker could vote for them either), but how can you be sure.  They both voted for the Iraq War resolution, and they've both sounded for all the world like hawks before. 

We'll see how Nader and the Green Party use this.  These two are horrific at campaigning, so I don't expect much.  But they could use the GOP's flip-flop video just as well as anyone else...

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