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Monday, July 12, 2004

Should the worst happen...
I am pretty convinced that Bush is going to win this election very handily. But last night I dreamed that he lost (I have the geekiest dreams imaginable... I think I had another dream last night about blogging--it's borderline humiliating), and so I am inspired to consider what he would do should the worst happen. Bush has refused to even consider the possibility (as in the Tim Russert interview)--a wise move on his part. But that shouldn't stop the rest of us from hypothesizing.

My theory is that Bush would attempt to pull a Grover Cleveland and eventually begin positioning himself for another run at the presidency--especially if the election is close and the war on terror goes as poorly as I anticipate it would with Kerry at the helm. I can't imagine Bush making another run if things go smoothly, though. If he didn't run again, I don't know what he'd do. Like Clinton, he's too young just to fade into obscurity like his father has. Unlike Clinton, he wouldn't spend his time writing thousand-page autobiographies. I could see imitating Carter to a very small extent--with a Habitat for Humanity-like venture, not by inserting himself loudly and incompetently into every major foreign policy debate for the next 25 years. He could also go back into business, which would be quite interesting to watch. Perhaps he would even run for the governorship of Texas again. I sort of doubt those last two, though. Whatever he would do, I am fairly sure that he would seek to continue the mission he feels he has been given, that of spreading democracy and freedom to places that do not have it. What form that would take as a civilian, I don't know, but I hope I don't have to see it happen for another four years.
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