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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who's the puppetmaster?
A fairly amusing article in the Washington Post today reveals the major rift in the coalition of Anti-Bushites the world over. Just who is it that controls Bush? More claims it's the Saudis. Al-Jazeera claims it's the Jews.
The failure to talk about Israel is the biggest weakness of the film, said al-Jazeera.net.

The Qatar-based news site credited Moore with dramatizing "that democracy itself has been threatened by the Bush presidency" but faulted the film's emphasis on ties between the Bush family and Saudi Arabia.

"The implicit suggestion that the Saudi government is somehow driving the Bush administration's policies towards the region flies in the face of Washington's unprecedented support for Israel as well as strong regional opposition to the invasion of Iraq."

Hussein Ibish, a Washington-based commentator writing for the Daily Star in Beirut, Lebanon, said Moore ignored "the massive paper trail demonstrating a pre-existing agenda, which placed the overthrow of the Iraqi regime at the center of both US and Israeli policies."
That's funny, though, because I thought it was the neoconservatives! Or was it the evangelicals? No, wait, it's Halliburton! Er, no! It's big oil!

Apparently, Bush's true puppetmaster is an evangelical neoconservative Jew from Saudi Arabia with significant amounts of stock in Halliburton and Big Oil. If anyone sees someone like that, be sure to grab him before he gets away!
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