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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Will the media turn?
It's pretty obvious to everyone that the media wants Kerry to win.  But how long can that last, considering how stultifyingly dull the man is?  Jim Geraghty notes two examples of reliably liberal papers warning Kerry that he had better do something interesting.  Orrin Judd speculates that Kerry will resign from the Senate tonight, in order to keep the energy going.  I'm not so sure--Mr. Judd notwithstanding, that would be remarkably unpredictable, and Kerry is hardly an unpredictable person.

If he doesn't do anything surprising tonight, I predict very little bounce, if any, for Kerry.  And that will be the beginning of the end.  The question is, will the media turn on him early as the Globe and Times have set themselves up to do, or will they bang the drum for him loudly into the grave?

I predict some form of the former.  The media wants to get Kerry elected, but they want to be relevant even more than that.  If Kerry comes out of the convention without a clear gain, or even having lost ground (very possible), look for a lot more sniping at him from surprising sources.  Sure, he'll still get endorsements from all the usual suspects.  But suddenly, unflattering Kerry stories that have, until now, been only blog-fodder will suddenly become newsworthy.

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