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Monday, August 02, 2004

The Democratic Party must be destroyed, part 1

Many Republican-leaning bloggers lament the potential that exists currently for the destruction of the Democratic Party, saying that “we need a healthy opposition party.” I disagree. The Democratic Party, with its grab-bag of special interest and minority groups, has become a schizophrenic player in American politics, without a clear philosophy or ideology. Thus, it flails wildly for power, lurching whatever direction it thinks might give it to them, threatening grievous destruction should their flailing encounter something important.

Therefore, I put forth a suggestion. It should be a goal of both liberals and conservatives across the country to destroy the Democratic party. An old and sometime noble institution (Andrew Jackson started their long downhill slide), the time has nearly come for the Democrats to take their place in history with the Whigs.

There is currently only one organization that has the potential power to do that. It pains me slightly to say this, but that organization is the Green Party. If the Green Party would just play its cards right, they could be the instrument of the Democrats' destruction—and this is something they should aspire to.

What's in it for the Greens?
The Greens should recognize that in order to gain power, they must destroy the Democrats. I've never seen a long-range plan for the Greens to take power. I imagine they'd much rather destroy the Republican Party. But the only realistic road to power is through the Democrats. Should the Democrats crumble, and the Greens take 50-60% of the spoils right away, with the rest migrating to the newly all-powerful Republicans, chances are very good that the Republican party would soon split, or be so beset by inner struggles that the Greens will have a legitimate shot at higher government.

What's in it for the Republicans?
The Republicans have the potential to reclaim the mantle they held from 1860-1930: that of the semi-permanent majority party. While the goal of the Greens must be to destroy the Democrats and split the Republicans, ushering in an era of multiple parties, the goal of the Republicans must be to destroy the Democrats, allow the Greens to take their place as the second major political party, and then maintain their internal integrity as long as possible. But surely both Greens and Republicans can agree on the first goal, no?

What's in it for the Democrats?
Well, very little for some, obviously. But many—I would say most—Democrats are poorly served by the current party, at least on a national level. The last Democrat to win the White House campaigning as a liberal was LBJ. Even if Kerry wins (which I sincerely doubt), he's been insisting for the last three weeks that he's actually—surprise! Conservative! It must have pained many Democrats to see true progressives sidelined (Kucinich) or sedated (Dean) during the convention, and to hear John Edwards promise to double funding for special forces, and to hear abortion, gay marriage and the environment completely ignored. If progressive Democrats want progressives to wield true political power, it will never come through the Democratic Party. There are just too many mouths to feed (Zell Miller is a particularly egregious example of this). Most Democrats are tired of the charade. They want to be able to proclaim their beliefs proudly and unashamedly—but they also want to win. The destruction of the Democratic Party provides the potential for both.

Part 2: How it can be done is now available.

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