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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Franks in 2008?
I caught Hugh Hewitt's interview with Tommy Franks yesterday. It's very good stuff. Franks is an intelligent, well spoken and wise man who worked his way up from an enlisted man to become the most successful American general since Eisenhower.

Which got me thinking: mightn't Franks make a very good President? Depending on where we are in the War on Terror in 2008, having a former general--who intimately understands the war on terror, unlike some other general-candidates I could mention--in the Big Chair might be very reassuring. I don't know much about his domestic policy views, but if he's as conservative as he sounds, the Republicans should seriously consider nominating him. I can already tell he'd be a better candidate than Wes Clark.

Historically, generals who became president have ranged from the fabulous (Washington) to the mediocre (Eisenhower) to the terrible (Grant & Johnson) to the controversial (Jackson) to the quickly dead (Harrison), and a lot more mediocre(Taylor, Pierce, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur and the other Harrison). Franks would be more in the mold of Washington, Jackson, Taylor, Grant and Eisenhower, who all came to power largely as a result of their military successes. That list is pretty diverse, as far as quality goes, so it doesn't really tell us much about Franks.

But listen to the tag-line: an undisputed war hero who worked his way up from the enlisted ranks to become the Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command, leading the American and Coalition forces to victory in both Afghanistan and Iraq. That's pretty good, eh? I'd like to read his book to learn more, but I'm going to stick this one in the back of my mind and see what do do with it come 2007.
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