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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Olympics
It's fashionable among conservatives to scoff at the Olympics, but I enjoy them thoroughly. They are supposed to be a transcendant, pan-national, utopian event that reminds us all that we are one part of the siblinghood of man. But in reality, it's another way for the US to dominate the rest of the world (though not the men's basketball team, apparently). It's a grand, world-wide nationalistic grudge match, and I love it.

But the best part this year is easily the Iraqi soccer team, which hastily put together an Olympic comittee after Saddam fell and grabbed the last Asian slot at the Olympics. First, they beat heavily favored Portugal in a preliminary match. Then, they destroyed Costa Rica 2-0, qualifying them for the . Next, they play Morroco, and the AP predicts they will play Australia in the Quarterfinals.

Poetic justice, of course, would be if Iraq played France in the medal round. But France isn't even in the running in soccer, so, alas, that shall not happen. But the Iraqi team should know that they have a lot of fans over here, pulling for them whoever they play.

UPDATE: Here's the list of all the Iraqi atheletes competing at the games, mostly soccer players, but also including those competing in boxing, judo and others.
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