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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

TrĂ¡igame Edgar
It's always a bit heartrending when things I have perceived as lifelong constants come to an end, even if they don't affect me personally. It's almost a feeling of betrayal when a landmark changes--say the bank on the corner becomes a hair salon, or that big ugly tree halfway across campus gets chopped down, or the Chinese restaurant I always told myself I would go to gives up the ghost.

Edgar Martinez is retiring this year from the Seattle Mariners, and I can't remember what life was like before him. I was four years old when he became the Seattle Mariners' starting third baseman, and he was my favorite player even before I could bear to sit through an entire baseball game. Edgar has been a constant in my life--I can count my years growing up in terms of his injuries, surgeries, and batting titles. The only time I've ever been on television was when the 10 o'clock news featured a picture of me holding up an "Edgar" sign in the crowd when I was twelve.

Edgar has been called the heart and soul of the Seattle Mariners--keeper of the faith through far more painful seasons than this one--"Pappy," with bad knees but a sweet swing and a ready smile. And apparently Seattle and I are not the only ones who appreciate him. Last Friday, Edgar received a presidential summons, and went out to Boeing Field to exchange signed balls with the baseball-ing-est man to ever sit in the White House. A fitting tribute from George W. Bush, former part-owner of the Texas Rangers, whose pitchers could never match Gar's consummate skill.

If Bush hadn't already sewn up my vote by being, well, himself, this would have done it. Anybody who appreciates my heroes is a-okay with my book. I wonder who John Kerry's favorite baseball player is. Probably Alex "Show me the money" Rodriguez. No, I take that back. Baseball is way too cool for Kerry. I bet his favorite sport is fencing...or lacrosse.

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