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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Watch this video
Since he became the presumptive nominee, I've felt no need to besmirch Kerry's war record. He served. I didn't. That seemed to be the end of it for me. But then he kept talking about it, and talking about it, and talking about it. It got tiresome--it was only four months, after all. But still, no one denies that he was something of a hero there--it's the 25 years afterwards that I take issue with. I considered those questioning his Purple Hearts to be similar to those who accused the Clintons of having Vince Foster murdered.

But that's been slowly changing. And now--well, watch this video. Send the link to others. Maybe pass them a check so that they can get this video shown around the country.

Bush shouldn't take this line of attack, and should decline to comment on it. I certainly shouldn't take this line of attack. But these men, who fought at least as bravely as John Kerry, have something to say to the nation about the man who would be president based solely on four months in a war zone. The nation should listen very carefully.
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