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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Who's the stupid party?
Wow. John Kerry has responded to the Swift Boat veterans' ad in just about the stupidest way possible, having his lawyers send letters to television stations, vaugely threatening to sue them if they run the ads. The letter claims that the ads are "libelous," and supports itself using language that would make Clinton blush. Power Line has a good take down of the absurdities of the letter.

They don't mention a couple things, though: first off, wouldn't it be "slanderous," instead of "libelous," as the vets are speaking their accusations? Second, if it really was libelous, then why wouldn't Kerry sue the publishers of Unfit for Command? The accusations there are the same as those in the ad. If Kerry really had a libel (or slander) case, then he'd be doing the same thing to the book publishers. This, obviously, is just a thuggish way to indimidate away a problem. But I don't think it's going to work.

They could have weathered the storm without most people noticing. But then McCain criticized the ad, knocking it into the newspapers. Now, this action will do it again. I fear Kerry and the Dems may be gunning for the GOP's proud title of "stupid party."
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