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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dems shear off the far left
The big news from the primary yesterday is that nobody likes Ron Sims. At least that's what his pathetic 28% showing--bolstered by fairly rampant crossover voting by Republicans--implies to me.

Then again, it could be largely a replay of the Democratic Presidential primary. Perhaps Democrats got wind of the fact that most sane people consider Sims "unelectable," and so, despite their true preference for the radical Sims, they sucked it up and voted for Gregoire. Perhaps.

Or maybe the vast majority of Democrats agree that Sims is something of a thug.

I would add Sims to the list of local politicians the Green Party should pursue in the midst of the Democratic turmoil that will certainly come this November. They should certainly take the "Sims was a Dean repeat" angle with him, and I have no doubt that there are a lot of Dean/Sims supporters who are feeling twice betrayed this morning.
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