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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dig deeper? I don't think you mean that...
You would think that, if it ever happened, the creation of poorly forged documents that reflect poorly on a political figure, and their unquestioning acceptance by the news media, would be a very big story. But that's silly, right? That would never happen.

You bet we'll dig deeper! Powerline has a pile of evidence that the "memos" obtained by CBS that reflect poorly on Bush are fakes--pohies, forgeries, replicas. Fakes. And lousy ones. Incredibly lousy ones. How lousy? Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs superimposed his own handmade Word document--with all the defaults on--on top of the supposed 1971 original. They are identical. You can see all the original documents at the CBS site. Look just below the little icon exhorting you to "dig deeper." Somehow, I don't think they meant it to be taken quite this far...

This whole thing seems too good to be true, but the forgeries are too bad to be real. It will be interesting to see if this explodes into the scandal that it ought to be: keep your eye on Google News.
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