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Monday, September 13, 2004

Fair-play politics
I was at the Puyallup Fair yesterday, the state's largest state fair (yes, we have multiple state fairs here). On a whim, I counted all the open shows of support for either Bush or Kerry--stickers, buttons, pins, signs--that I saw. Final score: Bush 34, Kerry 4. Now, I know Bush does well at state fairs, but this is the Western Washington State Fair! To look at the political stickers, we could have been in Crawford, Texas, instead of the Soviet of Washington. My optimism continues to be well-founded.
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i wouldn't be so surprised. true, western washington as a region tends toward democrats, but that's primarily because of the city of seattle. most of the sub- and exurbs, such as puyallup, tend more toward republicans, much like the rest of the state, but because there is a greater population in seattle, democrats tend to carry the state as a whole.

for that matter, who typically attends state fairs? perhaps in minnesota the answer could be "everyone," but i'd venture a guess that the average attendee at a state fair in most states is from one of the more rural areas--again, tending to vote republican.
I'll wager you've not been the the Puyallup Fair. If there's a more urban, mainstream state fair in the country, I'll be surprised. Sure, you'll get a lot of rural types, but you get a ton of people from Seattle and Tacoma proper.

And, oh, how I wish your statement about the outskirts of Seattle were true! If it were, I wouldn't be stuck with Jay Inslee as my congressman, and maybe just one of my my state legislators would be Republican. No, the whole of non-rural Puget Sound is liberal, including most of the suburbs--the Bellevue/Sammamish area being an exception.

I wouldn't have been surprised if Bush had carried my little poll by a slim margin--or even a medium margin--but this wasn't even close. I'm sure there were plenty of Kerry supporters there--but who wants to wear the sticker of a loser?
that would be a wager you'd lose, friend. my parents are from washington, and my uncle lives in seattle. i've been to the area many, many times, including the puyallup fair. your statement, as i read it, was in reference to Western Washington, not the Puget Sound area alone--about which i'd certainly agree with regard to the political makeup thereof.

(by the way, i'm voting for Kerry, which i certainly hope doesn't earn anyone's contempt.)
No contempt. Just pity, which is offset by my deepest apologies for questioning your Northwest bona fides.
no pity necessary, but i thank you all the same. i do think Bush holds the advantage, though, and won't be even remotely surprised if he wins.
another thing: why "The Soviet of Washington"? with no income taxes, it seems hardly appropriate, even if your local representatives are liberals.
The Soviet of Washington is an old, time-honored term, actually. You can read about it here.
fascinating article.

i've generally always been pro-union, but the repression of the chinese recounted here gives me great pause.

by the way, i had no idea you were from everett (just looked in last year's bethel roster). one of my uncles lived there for a while, but moved back to spokane a few years ago. another one lives in magnolia.
And if only that were an isolated incident. Unions were, for a long time, focal points for racism. Here's another example.In fact, now that I think about it, modern day unions are focal points for the two most eregious forms of modern day racism: the anti-educational reform movement and the anti-immigration movement. Hm... there may be a post in this somewhere...
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