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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Green dinghy and the Democrats' sinking ship
One of the reasons I think that Republican cockiness isn't such a bad thing is that an air of inevitability will convince leftward Democrats that they may as well vote for someone they're sure they agree with. Ramesh Ponnuru is the first big-time pundit I've heard mention this possibility, but I've been pushing it for a while, albeit regarding the Greens, not Nader. Republicans should help this meme along.

Incidentally, I think the major polls are making a mistake to include Nader and not Cobb, the Green Party candidate in their polling. Cobb is on more ballots than Nader, and is a more attractive choice for angry Dems because votes for Cobb will actually help the Green party attain recognition in various states, whereas Nader votes will disappear into the ether. This conspicuous absence from most polls may result in quite a surprise on election day.
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